DIMECC is Recruiting

DIMECC is growing and we are actively recruiting. If you are interested in future-oriented co-creation with leading industrial companies, now is your moment to approach us.

We need brains, competence and skills related to the following expertise areas:

Ecosystem facilitators for the technology areas of

*Additive manufacturing

Ecosystem facilitator with AM experience and skills to visualize roadmaps and other common goals for FAME Ecosystem.

Contact: Rauno Hatakka

*Industrial digitalisation and sustainability

Ecosystem facilitator and service provider for companies searching benefits from digital transformation, primarily for the FAMN ecosystem (Finnish Advanced Manufacturing Network Ecosystem)

Contact: Antti Karjaluoto

*Software development

Ecosystem facilitator for software industry, specialized in lean and agile approaches, primarily for SW4E ecosystem (Software Engineering Ecosystem).

Contact: Verneri Åberg (verneri.aberg@dimecc.com, +358 50 517 8955)

*Autonomous mobility

Ecosystem facilitator for autonomous mobility, specialization with business design and design thinking, primarily for VAMOS ecosystem (Autonomous Mobility for Smart Spaces Ecosystem).
Contact: Sanni Siltanen (sanni.siltanen@dimecc.com, +358 50 585 0145)

*Project managers Our ecosystems, projects and technology areas (materials, manufacturing, maritime and ICT) need persons with professional project management skills.

Contact: Anssi Lappalainen

Project preparation specialists Project/program preparation, planning and writing.

Contact: Anssi Lappalainen

Experienced EU-project coordinator Leader and manager for large-scale EU projects and funding. Contact: Doris Pryjma

The above positions are for professionals with already a few years in industry, but if you are just starting your career, we also need:

Executive assistant – Operative back office duties supporting management.
Contact: Harri Kulmala

Summer trainees – A great chance to work in a professional facilitation team for a talented person in a later stage of studies. (Potential background e.g. industrial economics, or similar.)

Contact: Risto Lehtinen

The positions will be filled as soon as we find the right persons. They may even be filled before we open an official application process, so if this is the opportunity you’re looking for, it’s time to reach us!

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