InDEx program result: HT Laser digitalized the New Product Introduction Process

HT Laser is a system and component supplier for global machine building companies and a flexible subcontracting partner for forest, paper, energy, marine, mining, and other industries. HT Laser serves in eight cities in Finland and in Poznan, Poland.

HT Laser offers all cutting, bending, welding, laser welding, machining, surface treatment, 3D metal printing, assembly, and related R&D services. When a new product is prepared for production, the dimensional checks need to be made and the measurements communicated between the company, designers, and customers. The dimensional checks should be made fast and the data should be easily transmitted to various stakeholders.

In DIMECC Industrial Data Excellence – InDEx program Ht Laser Vieremä unit digitalized the New Product Introduction Process with 3D scanner. The acquisition and implementation was implemented with MLT Machine & Laser Technology Ltd and Insinööritoimisto Savolainen Oy, which was responsible for the 3D scanning facilities.

Edging at HT Laser Vieremä factory.

Edging at HT Laser Vieremä factory.

The advantages and benefits

HT Laser’s new 3D measuring device makes it easy to measure even large objects. There is no upper limit on the size of the pieces to be measured. The system is used for dimensional checks of both finished assemblies and production tools, as well as for reverse design.

Measurement data obtained with 3D laser scanning has been found to significantly accelerate exports to the production of a new product. It has also been possible to communicate quickly between the various actors in the value network with the help of immediately obtained, accurate measurement data. The necessary changes in demanding welded structures (where, for example, deformation and bending compensation appear) have been able to be quickly modified and implemented with the help of 3D models.

“We are digitizing our NPI process and using the new 3d scanner in our own production. The measuring device enhances the quality assurance and documentation of dimensionally accurate end products. With the help of measurement data, we are able to provide valuable information to help our partners plan, and to speed up and develop the start-up process of new products”, says Sami Tiikkainen, Unit Manager at HT Laser Vieremä.

The 3D Scanner provides accurate data about the new products fast and the information is easily shareable. Photo Aliko



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