Future Fairway Navigation

June 20, 2021

Future Fairway Navigation is part of the Sea4Value program, which focuses on the digitalization of port-to-port logistics chain.

Final report of the program is available as pdf here.

Ensuring the safety of navigation and operations is of paramount importance. Today safe navigation is a team effort consisting of the master and crew, pilots, vessel traffic services (VTS), and aids to navigation. Controlling the ship movement in all situations is essential and requires timely decisions as the ships in movement cannot be stopped very fast.

The mission of the – Future Fairway program is to provide blueprints towards digitalisation, service innovation and information flows in maritime transport. Its longer term mission is in preparing for advanced autonomous operations and navigation. A key step towards autonomous transport system is to ensure safe, sustainable and efficient channel for ships to enter and leave harbours. Future Fairway  program improves the safe navigation for existing vessels and lays foundation for autonomous vessels of the future.

Future Fairway is a transformative program that aims for wide societal influence by providing concrete research-based recommendations on regulation, business, data usage & sharing and for standardization. In particular, the program targets on following demonstrations and experiments, which are important milestones on the journey towards smart and autonomous maritime transport system.

  • Smart fairway navigation experiments
  • ePilotage working environment (on shore) and remote pilotage experiments

Fairway program also generates a vision and steps toward smart fairway and its features and services. Implementing the program is a central steps towards a faster, more efficient, increasingly sustainable, in other words, smarter supply chain, which is an essential part of a future autonomous maritime transport system.


Future Fairway Navigation facts:

Duration: February 2020 – January 2022

Budget: 6 M€, Funding: Business Finland, companies and research organisations

Project type:  Business Finland funded Co-Innovation project

Industrial partners: Awake.ai, Brighthouse Intelligence, Finnpilot Pilotage, Ericsson, Haltian Empathic Building, Meyer Turku.

Supporting industrial partners: ESL Shipping, Neste, Port of Helsinki, Port of Rauma, Port of Turku

Research organisations: Aalto University, Novia University of Applied Sciences, Tampere University, University of Jyväskylä, University of Turku.

Governmental authorities and associations: The Finnish Meteorological Institute, Finnish Shipowners’ Association, Transport and Communications Agency Traficom, Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency

Industrial partner links:


Research partner links:


Funding partners:



The Archipelago’s Sensor Test Station Collects Data for the Smart Fairway

Kokkolan satamassa testattiin ensimmäistä kertaa etäluotsausta – luotsi tarkkaili laivan liikkeitä Turussa

Rahtialus oli Kokkolassa ja luotsi seurasi sitä Turussa – Laivojen etäluotsausta kehitetään usean yrityksen, korkeakoulun ja sataman voimin

Kokkolassa testattiin etäluotsattua laivaa

Remote piloting test undertaken in Finland

Turusta etäohjattiin laiva väylälle Kokkolassa

Tulevaisuuden väyläpalveluiden hyödyntämiseen varustettua laivaa testattiin Kokkolan satamassa

The first ship equipped with the technology of future fairway services tested at port of Kokkola


Future Fairway Navigation Final Seminar September 29th 2022 in Helsinki. Check this event web page for more details.



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