February 14, 2017

DIMECC Ltd has launched a new program, LIFEX, which has ambitious targets already for near future: service technicians will get new advanced support for their demanding work and new solutions for vibration problems in heavy machines will be offered.  All this is achieved by improving and utilizing the digital models from industry.

LIFEX demonstrates a new way of openness throughout the whole program.  New projects and new partners can join the program, if the industry interest in the theme is strong enough.  Even the overall length of the program is not fixed in advance.

DIMECC LIFEX partners:
3DStudio, BRP, Eeedo, Epec, Glaston, KONE, Konecranes, Meyer Turku, Nokia, Novarton, Sampo-Rosenlew, SimulOne, Vibrol, Wärtsilä, Aalto University, Tampere University and VTT.

DIMECC LIFEX program consists of three joint projects MIDAS, DYNAVIS and IVM.

MIDAS project focuses on artificial intelligence in industry.

DYNAVIS project develops and tests next generation Product Lifecycle Data Management practices where virtual and augmented product information is efficiently created and used for different business needs.

DYNAVIS final report available here.

IVM project focuses on new innovative vibration management solutions. Based on earlier successful marine applications a novel damping and design concept is applied to several new industry applications.

Program manager: Arto Peltomaa
Contact: arto.peltomaa(at)dimecc.com

Schedule: 2016-

Volume: 13 milj. euroa

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