MPD conveys the most productive message for our future: Together

Finland celebrates her one hundred years of independence with the fabulously connective keyword “together”. Young and old, everybody equal, private and public, our differences enriching us all. Now, what has this to do with innovation and industry? Everything.

Yes. Getting ready for Manufacturing Performance Days 2017 (MPD), the official and most important visionary industry event of the centenary year, the answer must be: Everything. Our success thrives upon determined cooperation, trust, and an unprejudiced, intellectually curious mindset.

That is the basis on which the foundations of DIMECC* have been laid, harnessed to co-create an ever faster cycle to innovative breakthroughs and transcendent productivity as outcomes. How else should one characterize our proven track record of 20 euros’ gain on one single euro invested in our programs? We are honored to build on and develop further the best Finnish traditions of cooperation for industrial renewal.

Ever faster together tomorrow – speed is the new intelligence

What has been based on wise tradition will be even more important tomorrow. Cooperation between partners of different sizes and origins will increase significantly as large corporations turn to startups in their own quest for innovations and new success. Big and small shake hands also at the MPD, organized in Tampere 29–31 May 2017, with startups in a more visible role than ever before.

There are more fundamental reasons for our need to connect. We are a small country, dependent upon our ability to use all our strengths. The greatest of them is simply, ourselves. People. We need each other and we cannot afford to abandon hugely valuable expertise. It is our hope and strong determination to bring as many capable people to our co-creation ecosystem as effectively possible. We want to create jobs.

Together for 100 000 new jobs! Join the MPIDEA!

Nowhere is that determination more obvious than in the declared goal of the Finnish industry: To create 100 000 new jobs. For that we hope to accomplish an even further improved system of innovative cooperation, with the huge value of people brought in. A common understanding for that to come true needs to be found with the Finnish Government, for our part we will do our utmost.

In this light, it is no surprise that the industry and the everyday heroes of its success, the employees, agree. The 100 000 new jobs are the main goal of the great idea and innovation competition of the Finnish industry, the MPIDEA. We encourage everyone to attend! The Main Prize for the winner is huge: Priceless sparring for growth and prospering business, provided by the world’s number one consultancy, McKinsey.

Success is success for both the industry and its employees. Innovation, productivity and jobs all go together. Together. A perfect word to describe the Future we want. The substantial arguments for DIMECC’s flourishing future are many and merit deep and broad analysis. Our promise is: It will be together.

Dr. Harri Kulmala

*DIMECC was founded in August 2016 to combine the best competence and knowledge from the industry, research, and science. DIMECC was built by combining the two most efficient innovation platforms in Europe, FIMECC and DIGILE, whose administrative costs have been only 3.5 percent. This is a European record. The results calculated by the industrial companies themselves show that a euro invested in DIMECC programs returns 20 times. This is a uniquely high number. The transcendent productivity is created by the knowhow of over 400 organizations and 2000 people, brought together by DIMECC for Finland’s benefit.

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