HYBRIDS – Hybrid materials

August 11, 2016

Program managementMarkku Heino, Vilja Vara, Spinverse Oy


Schedule: 2014-2017
Size: 34 M€

Results: http://hightech.dimecc.com/
Final report of DIMECC HYBRIDS



The know-how of how to apply advanced materials effectively in the right applications is the key success factor to guarantee high performance, cost-efficiency, safety and long service life for products. Also, many industrial applications in various fields require property combinations that cannot be achieved by conventional materials. The Hybrid Materials (HYBRIDS) program addresses these issues with the aim of creating a unique multidisciplinary technology platform and a world-class competence network that provides Finnish industry a key advantage to apply advanced materials effectively in their future applications. The fundamental goal of the program is to significantly increase the competitiveness of Finnish companies in the field of knowledge-intensive, value-added materials (VAMs) which show huge commercial potential.

The main technology priority areas in the HYBRIDS program are

  • the ability to combine and use common engineering materials in an innovative way
  • to improve their combined properties in several selected application areas
  • to reduce the time to market and life cycle costs of the new hybrid material solutions.

Other important technical challenges are also to stretch the application limits of commercial cheaper basic materials into more demanding applications (e.g. ceramics), to extend and improve the available engineering processes for material selection and product design, and to generate applicable, design-relevant material property data for hybrid materials, composites and coatings.

The participating 38 companies cover many branches of industry representing e.g. metals, plastics, composites, special materials, designing, manufacturing, mechanical engineering, coating technologies, measuring, monitoring, instrumentation and several end products/applications. This ample cross-technological industry group represents many active value chains and potential for new emerging ones. The consortium also includes 7 research organisations and their high-level international partners who ensure the program’s scientific significance and ambition.

The HYBRIDS program consists of five projects

  • P1. Multifunctional thin coatings – Creating innovative and sustainable solutions with multifunctional properties
  • P2. Multifunctional thick coatings and composites – Creating high-performance, cost-effective hybrid coatings for severe environments
  • P3. Light multifunctional hybrid structures – Developing critical understanding of energy efficiency and long-term durability
  • P4. Polymer multifunctional sliding materials – Establishing scientific basis and generating high-performance sustainable solutions for process efficiency
  • P5. Fundamentals and modelling (FunMode) – Cross-cutting

The FunMode project is a new research focused instrument in the DIMECC programs. Taking advantage of the most recent scientific knowhow, methods and computational tools for material multiscale modelling and simulation, FunMode will boost the research of the industrially oriented projects (P1-P4) to a new level. The critical mass is guaranteed by gathering together a highly multi-disciplinary group of researchers (10 doctoral students + their distinguished senior advisors & international partners) working on the challenging research topics which are identified and selected with the industrial partners.

The HYBRIDS program is linked and will be run in close cooperation with another DIMECC materials program BSA (Breakthrough Steels and Applications). The BSA program also includes a FunMode project, offering a platform for joint research work, mentoring and collaboration. DIMECC BSA and HYBRIDS programs run together the DIMECC Breakthrough Materials Doctoral School where more than 30 Doctoral students coached by their professors, senior advisors, and international research partners use latest science and especially multi-scale modelling to solve the critical research problems set by the companies. Read more about the DIMECC Breakthrough Materials Doctoral School.

General Hybrids program presentation

HYBRIDS in SEED research library:  http://www.seedresearchlibrary.com/SEEDHTML/player.php